Long-Stay Visas

Residence Visa

Allows the stay for a 4 month period in order to lodge residence. 

There are 7 subtypes, according to the reason of stay:

  • For subordinate work (employment contract or promise of employment contract; statement of the Portuguese Employment and Training Institute (IEFP - Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional) confirming that the employment offer is included in the legal defined quota; statement that proves the skills to exercise a profession, when regulated in Portugal;
  • For the pursuit of independent professional activity or for enterprising immigrants (contract of association or proposal of contract to provide services within the independent professions; document issued by the competent authority stating that the person has the skills to work in national territory; statement regarding the performance or the intention of performing an operation investment in national territory with economic, social, scientific, technological or cultural relevance; certificate that the person has made operation investments or has the available financial resources in national territory to do it);
  • For the pursuit of scientific research, teaching activity in higher education institution and highly qualified activity (employment contract, contract of service or scholarship).
  • For study, student exchange, professional internship or volunteering (Study in high school: the person has the minimum age required and does not exceed the maximum age stated in Portaria nr. 1079/07, 10th December; statement issued by the education institution stating that the student is registered in the school; certificate of reception by a family; or certificate of housing. Non paid internship: document issued by a company or recognized training institution; internship program; training contract; internship calendar. Study in higher education institutions: document issued by an education institution stating that the student was admitted or has the conditions required to be admitted. Volunteering: document certificating that the person has been admitted in an officially recognized volunteering organization in Portugal.
  • For higher education mobility programmes (This visa is for third-countries nationals that reside as higher education students in a Member State and want to apply for Portugal in order to continue an already initiated study programme or to complete it with another one: certificate of participation in a community or bilateral interchange programme or a certification that the person was admitted as student in a Member State for a period of at least 2 years; certificate issued by the education institution stating that the student was admitted or has the conditions required to be admitted);
  • For family reunion (The family reunification application shall be required first in Aliens and Border Service (SEF- Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras);
  • For pensioners, clergy and people with earnings (certificate from the Church or Community to whom the person belongs, if the institution is recognized by the Portuguese legal order; document certificating the earnings received).