Long-Stay Visas

Temporary Stay Visa

It is intended for applicants who want to stay up to a maximum of one year in the country. 

There are 7 subtypes according to the reason of stay, and each one requires the following specific documents:

  • For medical treatment in official or officially recognized health facilities (medical report; certificate issued by an official or officially recognized health facility assuring hospitalization or outpatient treatment);
  • In case of transfer of workers between countries within the World Trade Organization (WTO) to provide services or training (documents certifying the transfer from the same company or group of companies - This visa applies to associates or subordinate employees for at least 1 year that are: senior management with decision making powers; specific technical essential in the business; employees who intend to receive training);
  • To get a temporary subordinate employment or self-employment (employment contract or promise of employment contract (6 months); statement of the Portuguese Employment and Training Institute (IEFP - Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional) that the promise or contract concerns the supply available for third country nationals (subordinate work); partnership agreement or provision of services under self-employment);
  • To pursuit scientific research, teaching activity in higher education institution and highly qualified activity (employment contract, contract of service or scholarship of less than one year);
  • To pursuit amateur sports activity (document from the competent federation confirming the sports activity; statement of responsibility signed by the association or sports club on housing, health spending and costs by returning to the country of origin);
  • To remain in the country for longer than three months in duly substantiated cases, namely the implementation of international commitments (proof of exceptional situation; contract of services; skills certificate);
  • To accompany a family member submitted to medical treatment (proof of family ties; medical report; certificate issued by an official health facility or officially recognized one assuring hospitalization or outpatient treatment).

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